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Exquisite, unique and stunning.

There’s a special relationship between a girl and her gown.
With over 40 years as a designer of Bridal Gowns and Mother of the Bride/Groom gowns,

I create personalised and beautiful garments that are literally made just for the wearer alone.
Stepping into my Paddington Studio, you are surrounded by sumptuous fabrics, flowing gowns,

rich colours and amazing textures. The space is brimming with a carefully curated range of accessories.

I believe every dress tells a story. My expert ateliers exclusively make to measure and can customise

any design to make your individual style shine. We use the finest imported silk and lace 

from around the world and work tirelessly to perfect each garment.
I am passionate about my craft and have a true love of the garments I design. Warm, kind and with a keen

eye for detail, sharing your design journey with our team is bound to both exceed your expectations and make sure that

you smile all along the way.

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